New website for Care to Translate

Care to Translate saw that there was a need to develop a good translation tool in healthcare in order to have reliable and secure communication between healthcare professionals and patients in cases where there is language confusion. Care to Translate developed an app for both private and public care institutions to facilitate their daily work while providing security and information to the patient in their language.

A new website built in WordPress

Care to Translate contacted us at Awave when they needed a modern and well-functioning website that was linked to the app. The purpose of the website would be to inform, show a reference case, book a demo of the app and also to get more users. The website has been developed through workshops with Care to Translate where we jointly reviewed the various challenges, target groups, customer journeys and thus mapped a good website structure where the purpose was to increase conversions and contacts.

The new website is built in WordPress with various block modules so that Care to Translate has a unique and modern design but can also easily handle the daily updating of content and image management.
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