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We offer service and support for the websites we develop. It creates a safe and secure management of your website and gives you access to our support department.

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From launch to support and management

Working with total solutions means that the work with a website does not stop after launch. That is why we offer access to our operations and support department.

By handing over the systems to Awave’s professional management organization, you are offered a support agreement. The agreement includes your own personal technician and contact person, quick set-up time, telephone support, management and monitoring as well as customized agreements for each website.

Important parts of support and maintenance

drift, förvaltning och hantering av ärenden

A support agreement is flexible and is available for those customers who want to outsource parts or the entire service of the website.

Personal technicians and project managers

Just support and management can feel complicated for many. Therefore, we offer a personal technician and project manager who is always close at hand to answer all your questions and ensure that various technical issues that may emerge are resolved.

For our technicians and project managers no question is too small or big. Having a personal contact to get in touch with when a problem occurs is something that many people appreciate. In our service agreements, we customize what kind of support you need, maybe only when needed, for a specific project or on a regular basis.

Response time

In our support agreements we always specify what response times you can expect from us, in order for you to feel confident that we will help you as soon as it’s possible.

Business-critical matters, i.e. that parts or all of the site are not executable (features that affect the core business) have a shorter response time. Even if your business does not have a business-critical case, it obviously includes a guarantee of support even outside regular office hours.

Management and monitoring

Awave is always responsible for ensuring the best possible operation of the website.

We work with proactive management, which means that Awave will provide recommendations and suggestions for development both in terms of backend and frontend. We also keep your code base under surveillance and announce when there are security updates that should be installed. An important part is also to maintain the site’s security to the highest possible level. The administration also includes monitoring of the domains included in the agreement, and thus detects any problems immediately as they arise.

Case management

All customers with a support agreement get access to Awave’s own case management system, where you can easily both register and follow a case.

In this way, everyone involved can have an overview of how the development process is going. The advantage of the case management system is that all history is always available, which makes it easy for newcomers to get involved in the case. In order for us to ensure that no matter – big or small – falls between the chairs, all cases are always given a specific case number which is sent out to the entire development team at Awave.

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