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On a well-designed website, design and function go hand in hand. Our design team develops intuitive solutions that increase your conversion rate and strengthen your brand.

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From idea to finished website

We let the customer’s wishes and business knowledge work together with the designer’s creativity and technical expertise.

Our team works according to a carefully planned design process based on close feedback between designer and customer. Based on your needs, our designers produce visually attractive solutions focusing on user-friendliness and increased business value. If you ask our designers, no detail is too small to be left to chance!

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Did you know that the right button color can dramatically increase a site’s conversion rate?

Idea and conce­pt

In this initial phase, the actual goal for the project is defined. By starting from the customer’s brand, business goals and conditions, we come up with a concept together that will generate measurable benefit for the customer.

Each project starts with a meeting where the designer has the opportunity to ask questions about the customer regarding wishes, challenges with the current solution and how their brand is to be presented. In this stage we also go through any feasibility studies that have been done. Based on the aggregated information, we develop solutions and overall concepts.

UX Design / Intera­ction

UX design, interaction design and user-centered design – dear children have many names. The core of them all is to create intuitive interfaces.

There is an incredible amount of research and statistics on how people behave on the web. With that in mind, we analyze your website and develop a strategy for layout and structure with the aim of making life easier for your visitors. We also take a close look at the flows and conversions that should exist and how they should be designed to work best. When working with UX solutions, you usually create so-called wireframes (simple layout sketches) that you can use in order to do user tests.

UI Design / Graphic design

When the structure itself is in place, it is time to breathe life into the solution. This is when we put color and shape on the site to get the customer’s graphic profile and trim the details.

Graphic design is much more than just colors and fonts. Every detail matter because together they form the visual hierarchy of the site that helps the user decide what is important. The important thing is to strengthen the roads that have been paved during the UX work and convey the customer’s personality.


We like to reconcile with our customers on an ongoing basis so that they always feel involved and are able to help shape the work along the way.

In the majority of our projects we book regular design reconciliations where we process a new milestone at each reconciliation. Since we work with customers in all parts of the world, we use smart digital tools to easily showcase both design and discuss retail solutions. When the customer has finally given acceptance to all the design, we can finally start the development phase.

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