During the development phase there are many parts that need to be put together. Not only will the website be developed, materials such as text, fonts and images must also be in the right place. Our design team develops intuitive solutions that increase your conversion rate and strengthen your brand.

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From design delivery to going live

Thanks to extensive design sketches and guidelines, we have a clear structure on how we should proceed when it is time to start the development of the site.

Despite this, the development phase is the part of the process that is most time-consuming, but also one of the most exciting parts. During this phase we see the design sketches come to life. Our developers work closely with our designers and project managers to ensure that the projects is developing according to plan and that new functionality is continuously tested.

utbildning och utveckling av webbplatsen

Undergoing an education for the new site is essential in order to update and keep the site alive even after launch.

Website development

Most often you do not start coding before the development begins. It is important to know what the code is supposed to do.

When the developers know what the purpose of the code is, it’s time to start working through design, interfaces and possible integrations. During the development phase, the developers obviously make sure that the new design works responsively and looks the same in all browsers. Our designers also test the website on an ongoing basis to ensure that the development moves in the right direction.

Integrat­ion of external systems

An integration means that the site is linked to one or more other systems.

Often, it involves systems such as CRM systems, newsletters, business systems, booking systems, member databases, brokerage systems or product databases. Creating integrations clearly opens up new opportunities on the site.

Education, content and testing

When the site starts to get ready, it’s time to publish content on the new site.

Sometimes the existing content is good enough and sometimes new content has to be created. We always offer training for the websites we create, so that you feel comfortable working with the content without having to be dependent on us. In this phase, a more in-depth testing is also done which both ensures that different functions work properly and that the design has been implemented correctly. It is also ensured that the site works responsively (smartphone and tablets) and that it works in different browsers.

Going live

It’s finally time to let your new website go live!

When we go live with a site we ensure – among other things – that server installation and configuration works well, that we register the new page structure against search engines and control a DNS redirection. At this time, all content should be in place and the site should be tested by both us and the customer. After going live with the site, we always make a final test of the whole site to ensure the quality.

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