For us, it is important that everyone in our team feel that they are part of a strong, competent and creative group where we support each other while creating smart, business-generating and creative solutions together with our clients.

We are a bunch of skilled stars.

Awave is a full-service agency founded 2007 in Stockholm. Since our inception we have grown steadily and opened offices in both Copenhagen and Riga.

Our geographical spread has resulted in a strong unity across team and country borders, since we often work in cross-functional teams with competence picked based on the assignment. Together we constitute a broad knowledge base where we complement each other and make sure that every project is of the best possible quality. Our projects are both larger and smaller and to us, all are equally fun and important. Some projects are focused on strategy and carried out over a longer time period, while other projects require swift and creative solutions. No matter the project, we do our best to make sure our clients achieve business advantages.

We believe everyone would want to be part of a strong, competent and creative team where wellbeing results in a good production.

If you agree with us on this – we think you should come and work with us. As a colleague at Awave you always get the opportunity to create fun, business-generating and creative solutions together with – and in close contact with – a broad spectrum of clients. We are incredibly proud of all our customers and projects and for us the primary objective is to give the client the solution they want and need. Together we will create the best possible solution and have fun while doing it.

Thanks to the high demand for our services we need more colleagues

To us, the most important is not your experience or what’s in your resumé. We look at the quality in your competence, personality, that you really like what you do and that you are driven to develop yourself and your team.

Broad experience

Due to our broad and mixed competences of juniors and seniors we continuously learn from each other. There is room to grow, to develop and to develop each other. Our joint experience stretches from 55 years of working experience to newly graduated.

Speak your mind

We want to have fun at work and under our roof you are allowed to talk about everything. Openness is important for us to create a workplace where you can thrive.


A balanced and healthy colleague is a good colleague. It’s important to us to create prerequisites for a healthy life by collective agreements, wellness grants, trainings and more.

Spice things up

We often do things together to spice things up a bit. Start the week with a breakfast buffet, take part in internal knowledge sharings, cuddle with one of our office dogs, go to private movie screenings, regular after works, Christmas dinner and other yearly events.

Couldn’t find any position that suits you?

It’s alright. We are always on the lookout for our next star. Please fill in the form and let’s meet for a coffee!

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