Marketing automation

Finding leads for one potential customer is one thing but managing all the leads on one site is another.

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This is how Marketing Automation works

Marketing automation is about using one or more softwares that facilitates lead management.

To be successful on your website and in digital marketing, you need an effective way to convert visitors into leads. Not having a lead management system would make the process almost impossible, therefore a system is required to make lead management smooth and cost effective. Awave helps facilitate your lead management with the help of Marketing automation.


The process of Marketing Automation:

  • Develop an action plan
  • Collect relevant data and information
  • Analyze data
  • Report results
  • Take action

Lead captur­ing

With the help of a marketing automation tool, you manage to do a so-called lead capturing.

All visitor movements are stored in the system and mapped. The goal is to get the visitor to provide as much information as possible in order for the system to read what type of lead it is.

Lead nurtur­ing

Once the tool has managed its leads, it becomes important with lead nurturing. That means to nurture the leads correctly and steer them in the right direction up until the actual sales opportunity.

In practice, a certain category of follow-up mail is sent to the visitor depending on what information the system received from a lead. For example, the sales manager receives relevant mail related to sales etc.

Lead scoring

With the help of Lead scoring all movements are recorded and thus the system knows where in the process a lead is located.

Hopefully, after proper guidance of a lead, it qualifies the lead to SQL – Sales Qualified Lead – where a seller takes over and completes the deal.

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