SEO – Search Engine Optimization

In order to be visible and reach out to potential customers, it is important to think about SEO. This leads to increased visibility for the search engines and brings more traffic to the site which ultimately leads to conversion.

SEO sökmotoroptimering

We know how Google works

When we create websites, we always optimize it for search engines.

In simple terms, SEO is about taking into account your visitor’s search behavior on Google and customizing the website content to it. There are also guidelines from Google on how to technically build a website. Today’s modern platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco and Episerver all have good functionality that facilitates the SEO work.

Google optimization

When talking about SEO and Google optimization, it’s important to keep in mind that the site’s design, usability and accessibility go hand in hand with content, keywords and search terms.

It is also important that it matches the technical elements such as URLs, sitemap, H1, H2, meta, title and so on. To achieve the ultimate search engine optimization, the website should simply sell itself and be optimized in such a way that it knows how to market itself.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engines are constantly evolving which also entails new requirements, so it is important to keep up to date on what is important and happening in the industry.

Awave has SEO experts and long experience in SEO and search engine optimization. We know exactly what capacity we can achieve for a website and how to get there.

Combine SEO with SEM

When we run digital campaigns such as AdWords, Inbound marketing and Programmatic, we can benefit from the campaign’s statistics and data analysis to constantly improve Google optimization and the campaigns we run.

In addition to analyzing data from the campaigns, we use the data that comes from SEO optimization as support for improving and optimizing digital campaigns.