Awave takes responsibility for how we can be part of and influence society in the future.

We support non-profit organizations

To achieve our goals, we work actively to support non-profit organizations and foundations.

For us, it is important for children and young people to have a safe upbringing and schooling, to allow animals to live in safe homes and to preserve the nature around us.

Child Support Company

85% of children affected by childhood cancer survive, but that is not enough. That is why we are involved in and support the vital work of the Child Cancer Foundation.

Preserve the archipelago

As archipelago friends, we support the Bevara Skärgården in their task of preserving the archipelago for the future but also the foundation’s supervisors and conservationists who work for visitors to meet beautiful archipelago landscapes.

For a drug-free school environment

Awave supports the RNS and its work to ensure that children, young people and school staff can have a safe and drug-free school environment.

For a safer society

To create a safer environment for young people out at night, we support the Nattvandrarna who make sure that there are adult role models out on the streets.

Prevent child poverty

Through both emergency efforts and long-term work, we support Giving People in their work to combat child poverty in Sweden.

For a better school in Sweden

School is the arena in society where we have the greatest opportunity to embody and realize the health of our children and young people. Awave therefore supports Aktiv Skola’s work to provide current and relevant material free of charge to all schools.

Prevent sexual abuse of children

We support FTS Säkra Varje Unges’ preventative work to prevent sexual abuse of children.

Make a difference for animals

By being a Company Friend, Djurskyddet Sverige can continue to make a big difference to the animals. Djurskyddet Sverige is influencing, among other things, improving animal welfare legislation.