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Drupal is a modular publishing tool with high performance and functionality. Drupal is powerful and scalable, which makes it possible to develop websites that are functional, cost-effective and flexible to manage.

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Why choose Drupal?

One of the world’s most used CMS.

Drupal is one of the largest publishing tools and is suitable for both large and small companies. Drupal is written in PHP and is based on open source code. A large community with almost one million registered users means that Drupal is a stable system that is constantly being developed and tested. There are thousands of additional modules that make the system incredibly flexible. Drupal is a good CMS to choose for large websites with many administrators. It is also a CMS that is scalable, customizable and has a large number of modules to offer.

Benefits of Drupal

  • A website that grows with the needs
  • Easy administration
  • High security
  • Modern and affordable
  • Operation in various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X och Linux
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Civilekonomerna logga Drupal

How we built Civilekonomerna’s website in Drupal 8

The Swedish union Civilekonomerna is Sweden’s largest network for economists. In close cooperation with them, we have developed a new design and strategy for their Drupal 8 site. We have focused on SEO, accessibility and flexibility.

Read more about Civilekonomerna

E-commerce with Drupal Commerce

Thinking of starting an e-commerce site? Drupal is a CMS with good, safe and stable functions.

In Drupal Commerce, it works great to integrate the site’s other features like articles, blogs or forums. It is a very flexible system that can be customized and covers most of the various needs of e-commerce. It is easy to keep your website updated as there are a variety of Drupal modules to expand with.

We are experts at Drupal

At Awave we have several experts working in Drupal 8, Drupal 7 and Drupal 6.

Our experienced Drupal developers are very knowledgeable in the field PHP, HTML and CSS. We have been working with Drupal since its inception in 2007 and have probably encountered (and solved) the vast majority of problems that have arisen in Drupal. Our developers have extensive experience in how to best utilize Drupal’s opportunities to provide the customer with a cost-effective and affordable solution.

We are your full-service web agency in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Riga

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