Svensk Insamlings­kontroll

Svensk Insamlingskontroll conducts yearly reviews of everyone with 90 accounts and ensures that the collections operations are of high quality.

Functional website with auto-complete search function

The site is modern, stylish and focused on being user-friendly.

The most important feature is the opportunity for visitors to find suitable organizations with 90 accounts. For this reason, there is a search function with autocomplete directly on the home page. Awave continuously work with analysis, improvement suggestions and support as part of our support agreement.

Svensk Insamlingskontroll on phone

Successful digital marketing

Through Facebook we can create creative and informal posts as well as engage target groups who are interested in the services. Visibility in social media is becoming increasingly important today as most of the audience is there. Svensk Insamlingskontroll has chosen Awave as a partner in helping with marketing in social media.

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