Optimizely, former Episerver, is a popular Swedish-developed commercial publishing system. It is a content and publishing tool with a stable platform for web development in Windows environment.

Optimizely CMS

Why choose Optimizely?

Optimizely is a good choice for large and medium-sized companies. The platform supports you in, for example, lead generation and marketing.

Optimizely is a proven and stable CMS that is based on many years of user experience and continuous development.

Optimizely has an intuitive user interface and high-quality CMS features and is based on Microsoft .NET technology. The tool is user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge on the part of users to create, manage and publish content on the site. Optimizely simplifies the updating of the information services on the website and the administration is facilitated, resulting in a cost-effective management of the information.

Certified Optimizely partner

Awave has worked with Optimizely since 2007 and is an Optimizely Solutions Partner with Optimizely certified developers.

At Awave we participate in seminars organized by Optimizely and follow the latest developments. Optimizely is popular and a good system for large websites that have a large number of articles and landing pages. The system is capable of handling extremely high data and has high performance. We can easily handle hundreds of thousands of articles that are available as different versions in many different languages.

Public, intranet and extranet

Optimizely can be used to meet a variety of needs businesses may have – from public websites to intranets and extranets if you need to have pages behind logging in. The editor view makes it easy to manage both pages and users.

Version management

Optimizely has a well-built version management that makes it easy for editors to contribute changes and see who made the latest change. This makes it easier for larger organizations with many active editors to manage their content.