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Since 2019, all employees at Awave are covered by collective agreements for white-collar workers. For us, it is important to have good and secure terms and conditions for our employees.

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Security for all

A collective agreement contains rules on – for example – types of employment, terms of employment, working hours, holidays, sick pay and notice periods. Through the collective agreement, Awave offer security to our company, our employees and our customers.

Security for Awave
When you are a collective member, as an entrepreneur you get the help and advice of experts and do not have to spend unnecessary resources on making your own decisions when various issues regarding employment emerge. This means that we as a company can spend our time on what is important – our customers and creating successful websites.
Security for our employees
We want to be able to offer a secure and stable foundation for the people who work for us. When there is a clear framework in the collective agreement for how decisions are to be made, it results in a safe and happy working group.
Security for our clients
A happy and satisfied work group does the best job. The best result is what we always want to offer our customers. For us, it is important for our customers to feel confident in our resources and our capacity.

“In addition to the warm atmosphere here at Awave, I like all challenging projects and assignments. ” – Åsa, UI/UX designer

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