Environmental policy

Our goal is to work for a better environment by constantly evaluating what we do from an environmental perspective.

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Awave shall exceed environmental requirements

In order for Awave to exceed the environmental requirements that are set in our industry, we always try to increase our knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues with our employees.

It is important for us to always see environmental improvement measures as an investment and take environmental considerations into all major decisions. Our greatest environmental impact is through energy use, travel, paper consumption and the purchase of various office materials and services. When it comes to resources, we want to work to both improve and make the use of resources more sustainable. Here, it is also important to have sound and cycle-adapted materials and methods. We regularly monitor and follow our environmental work.

Environmental organization

From 2012-06-01, environmental issues are driven by an environmental manager at the company. The environmental officer shall work for continuous information and follow-up of our environmental work to our employees.

Sorting of waste

We shall strive for all waste to be sorted.

Paper and other waste must be returned for recycling. Bottles, PET bottles and jars must be pledged. Hazardous waste must be disposed of for recycling and handled in such a way that negative environmental impact does not occur.

Energy and material saving measures

We shall strive to minimize energy and paper consumption.

As far as possible, only eco-labelled electricity should be used. Where possible, low-energy lamps should be used for lighting fixtures. We will use computers and appropriate software to reduce paper consumption.

Environmental friendly purchasing

We shall strive to primarily buy eco-labelled products.

When purchasing materials for our operations, everything from vehicles and fuel to copy paper etc., environmental aspects must always be taken into account.

Environmental information for employees

All employees should be aware of Awave’s environmental goals.

Follow-up and reminder of current rules must be made at monthly staff meetings, where new information must also be provided. A standing item “Environment” shall be included on the agenda for the Board of Directors and staff meetings.

Fuel and fuel consumption

Awave must continuously work to reduce the company cars’ fuel consumption.

When purchasing new cars, electrically driven or environmentally friendly and environmentally classified vehicles should be selected if possible.


When traveling, the best option of travel should be chosen from an environmental point of view.

If a car has to be used, carpooling should be done if possible. As an alternative to travel, for example, video conferencing is considered when possible.

Follow-up of goals

Every six months, there will be checks on where Awave stands regarding the achievement of the environmental goals.

An action plan will be drawn up to support the future work. The environmental manager is responsible for this self-control of the environmental work.

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