Quality work

Awave’s quality work should be of benefit to our customers and thus, our business.

In our quality policy, we have set two general objectives

Our two overall goals are that all customers should be satisfied and that we always deliver on time.

The prerequisite for achieving this is that Awave has competent and dedicated employees, with a high work ethic and focus on the customer’s best interests. Each employee therefore participates in the company’s quality endeavors and takes responsibility for ensuring that the right quality is achieved in the projects.

Quality assurance of projects

Quality Criteria.

In order for everyone in the project to gain an understanding of what expectations the customer has on Awave’s efforts, the quality criteria that apply to the project are defined at the start of the project. This is done by the customer together with Awave´s project manager. At the end of the project, the criteria are followed up and the results are communicated and discussed in the project group, for lessons learned and development for upcoming projects.

Project Audit and Project Quality Audit

For larger and complicated projects, Project Audits and Project Quality Audits are planned at the start of the project.

Project Audit takes place at the beginning of the project to identify potential risks as early as possible. The Project Quality Audit project takes place after about two thirds of the project and focuses on the project’s progress in quality, schedule and customer satisfaction. All reviews and checkup are documented in protocols stating which corrective measures have been decided, who is responsible for them and when they should be ready. The results of these reviews are communicated to the customer if desired.