Platforms & CMS

At Awave, we understand that choosing the right CMS or platform is not easy. What is best for your business? We work daily in several different CMSs and are happy to help you choose the platform that best suits your needs, conditions and desires.

We are platform independent

There are many different CMS and they all have on thing in common – trying to make your work more effective.

Content Mangement System or Publishing tool, is a web-based tool used, among other things, to structure and manage texts and images on the website. There are both open source and commercial CMSss (with an initial cost plus annual or license fee) and each one of them have their own set of unique features. If you need help or recommendations to choose the right platform for your business we are happy to help. Our experience is based on the development of hundreds of websites with different goals and requirements.


WordPress is the world's most widely used open source CMS. Anyone with limited technical experience can use WordPress “out of the box”, while those with a technical experience in WordPress can customize it to 100%.


Drupal is a very flexible system. It handles many different types of web pages, blogs, communities, web shops and more. A Drupal installation is fairly lightweight from the start while a normal Drupal site is much more advanced.


Episerver is a Swedish content and publishing tool. It's a stable platform for web development based on Microsoft .NET technology. Episerver is a licensed product and the cost varies depending on what resources are being used.


Umbraco is a powerful and comprehensive CMS based on open source code and Microsoft .NET technology. Umbraco has many similarities to commercial actors such as Episerver and SiteCore. The system is among the most secure in open source and has a stable and structured code base.


React is a JavaScript library and has recently emerged as one of the most popular. React can be used for websites, web systems or mobile applications. For more complex applications, additional libraries will be required, which are not included as standard. But there are plenty of open source packages for React, as it is a very popular library.


Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework. The framework follows the MVC (Modal View Controller) architectural pattern. Laravel is the most popular and most widely used PHP framework around the world. Laravel is very flexible which makes it popular with developers.