Well-built e-commerce creates new business opportunities no matter if it’s a simpler standard solution or a customized e-commerce site. Every e-commerce we develop has a unique design and high conversion rate.

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The road to profitability

To motivate internet users for shopping, e-commerce must be attractive, easy to navigate and offer good service and accessibility.

This is exactly how we help our customers increase their profitability and create new business opportunities. Choosing an e-commerce solution can be tricky, that is why we work with both simpler standard solutions and tailor-made e-commerce solutions. The design solution is always based on the client’s business conditions and target groups.

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We design e-commerce as you wish:

  • Integrations towards business systems
  • Mobile solutions
  • Overall commitment from idea and concept design
  • Experienced project managers and driven designers

Fordonsmäklarna – A car dealer of the highest class

Buying a new car can be difficult and complicated for many, whether it is an experienced car dealer or a first-time buyer. To run an e-commerce, a good UX design is required that guides the user through the buying process. Therefore, Awave created a simplified search function that has been found to be highly appreciated by experienced car dealers.

This is how we work with Fordondsmäklarnas e-commerce

Fordonsmäklarna website

Payment solutions

Choosing a payment solution for an e-commerce is not always easy.

A payment provider should be able to solve both the need the business has today and also possible future needs. Awave helps you find the solution that best suits your business. We always make sure that the payment solution works from mobile devices and is as smooth as possible for the end customer.

CMS for e-commerce

For a well-functioning e-commerce, you need to find a CMS that suits your business.

Common CMS on the market are Episerver Commerce, Drupal Commerce or WooCommerce. All different tools have their advantages and disadvantages and it can sometimes feel difficult to choose. However, we have long experience of working with all these CMS and can help you find the right one.

Episerv­er Commerce

Episerver Commerce creates a future-proof e-commerce solution.

Episerver Commerce allows all content on the site to be managed in parallel with the e-commerce site. Valuable features that are available include intelligent search and navigation, pricing, campaigns, multi-language stores and customer management.

Drupal Comm­erce

Drupal Commerce can be tailor-made and adapted to such an extent that all e-commerce needs are met, without the need to change the source code.

Other important features that comes along are – for example – category systems, discount management, shopping cart, cash register and Google optimization down to the product level.


It is common for many e-commerce sites to be built with WooCommerce as it is an add-on to WordPress.

This makes it easy to add an e-commerce solution to an already existing website. WooCommerce is also built in a way so that your content can easily be intercepted by Google and also offers other smart features. Other important features that comes out of the box are – for example – category systems, discount management, shopping cart, cash register and Google optimization down to product level.

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