Fordonsmäklarna have in a short period of time grown into becoming a top-tier car dealer. Today, they have several establishments around Stockholm and are resellers of Subaru.

A functional site with a search solution beyond the ordinary

The first thing Awave’s concept designers did was to come up with an idea that appeals to all types of visitors thinking about buying a new car.

Unlike most websites available today for buying cars, Awave chose a solution that simplifies the search for those visitors who do not want to go the long way and choose model, gearbox, milage etc. in drop lists.
Awave chose to develop a concept on a search function that allows the visitor to find the cars they are looking for with the help of a clear and easy-to-understand search function where the visitor can choose car type, color and brand.

Fordonsmäklarna devices

Adapted to the target groups

The search function has proved to be very popular with more experienced car buyers during user tests. Visitors with a real car interest have shown a greater patience and find it a delight to look at all available cars and browse page after page. The site is built in Umbraco and has other functions such as integrations with and In addition to the actual website that we built, we also assist Fordonsmäklarna with designing banner ads used in various media.

Fordonsmäklarna banner