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Umbraco is a powerful, comprehensive and secure CMS based on open source code. The system is among the most secure in open source and has a stable and structured code base..

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Why choose Umbraco?

In many open source-based CMS, it is popular to install third party modules to get the desired functionality in place. In Umbraco there are many modules, but it is often not needed, as it is powerful enough as it is.

The advantage of not installing too many modules is that it is safer and easier to maintain. Above all, it is easier to upgrade to newer versions of Umbraco. The fewer modules that are installed, the less complex it becomes and the more cost-effective it will be to further develop and maintain. Umbraco has good built-in support for SEO. Umbraco is based on Microsoft .NET technology and has many similarities to commercial players such as Episerver. The system is among the most secure in open source and has a stable and structured code base.

Benefits of Umbraco

  • No license – free to use
  • Simple and responsive administration interface
  • Stable and secure code based that builds on Microsoft .NET
  • Powerful and comprehensive CMS – no third-party modules needed
Fordonsmäklarna logga

How we built Fordonsmäklarna’s e-commerce

Awave’s assigmnemtn was to develop a new e-commerce website for one of Stockholm’s largest car dealers The site would be innovative, modern, user-friendly and reflect the graphic profile of Fordonsmäklarna.

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Certifi­ed Umbraco partner

At Awave we are certified Umbraco partners since 2012.

Our talented .NET developers follow the development and participate in seminars and training courses for Umbraco on an ongoing basis. Today we have many customers where we develop, manage and improve websites with Umbraco. A common customer case for us is customers where we have built customized systems that we integrated into Umbraco. It can be about e.g. e-commerce (UCommerce), logistics system, booking system or advertising system.

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