The overall picture for data-driven marketing, also called programmatic advertising, involves a computerized ad delivery. This means that display ads are targeted to the right target audience according to predetermined rules.


Programmatic och advertising

It can seem overwhelming to keep track of every part of your business, that’s why we help our clients with all steps that are required to succeed in programmatic advertising.

This applies to parts such as everything from planning, production to follow-up of advertising. To succeed, we work with the largest suppliers in the Swedish and European markets, which means that we have almost 100% coverage of the potential target groups.

Target group analysis

Who visits your site?

When we do a target group analysis, we do this by tagging visitors in order to analyze what kind of visitors the business has on their website as well as reviewing the visitors behaviors.

Media production

It is important to choose the right media based on the target group analysis.

When creating ads, it is important to adapt both text and images to their various intended audiences. Both text and image are selected based on the facts and insights that have emerged in the target group analysis. Ads may also need to be adapted to the chosen medium.


Behaviors and needs change over time.

While the ads are out, there is ongoing analysis and optimization of both target group and different purchasing parameters. It is important to always follow their ads continuously as your target group’s behavior and needs can change over time.

Campaign analysis

Evaluation and re-evaluation after completed campaigns.

After a completed campaign, a report is always created that summarizes the result of the campaign. Based on this, an evaluation is made and possibly a re-evaluation for future advertising.