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Inbound marketing leads to long-term profitable marketing, better customer relationships and higher sales.

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What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about earning the customer’s trust by demonstrating that you are the supplier the customer should invest in.

Historically, sales have been largely the same. Seller contacts potential customer, who in turn needs to be persuaded or informed in order to ultimately make a purchase or deal. As the digital world grows and is constantly present, the role of the seller is becoming increasingly diffuse and less important. Today we can find out most of it on our own and the information is right in front of us. Websites sell themselves.

What it means is, that you see the benefits of taking advantage of the traffic and visitor frequency, that your website has. It is about meeting the customer on its terms, and to see how a supplier can follow up the customer and facilitate its decision. The content of a website should be attractive and capture the visitor at an early stage. This allows the customer to find the company instead of the other way around. A good example of this is the often so called Content marketing.

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Inbound marketing is all about attracting visitors to your site through well-produced informative content on relevant topics.


Attract potential customers by providing them with good and relevant content that makes visitors search for you.

SEO, content marketing and blogs are good examples of content that attracts.


Convert visitors to do something, that gives you the opportunity to take the potential customer one step closer to closing the deal.

Filling in a form, call to action or getting them to leave their email address is a way to convert.

Close the deal

Once we have tracked down the potential customer, a purchase must be made and the deal must be closed.

Through email campaigns, automated feeds and through programmatic we can follow the potential customer and send in relevant information that contributes to purchases.


Continuing to process the customer after a closed deal provides opportunities for additional sales.

The customer also becomes more engaged, spreads their experience to others and gains a higher level of trust. Good tools for maintenance are surveys, emails and social media.

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