Pre-study and requirements

In order to create a truly successful website, the pre-study is important for understanding your business and its opportunities.

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Pre-study and analysis

In the beginning of a large web project, it is important to clarify the priorities and what is needed to effectively reach the end goal.

In the pre-study, we investigate the purpose, goals and vision of the web project so that we can understand the problems and opportunities of the business. Awave works with workshops as an effective working method, for present-day analysis, concept definitions and when setting requirements, this is important in the project phases, idea proposals, drafting of concepts and graphic profile. The method has proven to be a good way to build trust and engage everyone in the development process so that everyone strives towards the same goal.

förstudie och workshop

Process for pre-study

  • Analysis and research
  • Concept and idea sketches
  • Requirements
  • Website specification
  • Structural work


In a workshop, a specific area can be highlighted, e.g. how do we get a better Google ranking and what do we need to do?

It can also be a more general workshop where, for example, we look at how different access roles on a website will work. A workshop is often used as a method to solve a problem or get started with idea generation.


At Awave we often use personas in needs analysis to create a more vibrant target group.

Instead of talking about e.g. male nurses in health care we create fictitious people to make the target group come alive and make them easier to relate to. It is an effective way of getting closer to the user’s behavior and other aspects such as computer experience, behavior and level of knowledge.


A common goal is A&O for best results.

In the pre-study, the business area is defined so that the work is focused on the major problems and areas in the business where the greatest benefits can be achieved. The work results in a decision basis that will determine the choice of development focus.

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