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For us, it is self-evident that in addition to building your website, we also help you with your company’s digital advertising. Whether this applies to SEA i.e. Google Ads, data-driven marketing, so-called Programmatic or Inbound marketing, we are with you all the way.

As a Google Partner, we are certified to work in the tools provided by Google Ads.

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What is Google Ads – SEA really?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) simply means that you pay to be featured on Google. The most common form is advertising on Google Search.

Advertising on Google Ads is something that many businesses themselves try to manage, but in order to succeed with advertising on Google Ads, continuous monitoring and optimization of Ads campaigns and advertising is required. This means that the campaigns need to be put together based on desired target groups but also against relevant keywords and search terms that fits the products and/or services.

Google ads, SEO /SEM Awave hjälper er

We help you with:

  • Analysis
  • Planning and strategy
  • Design and optimization
  • Reporting and monitoring

The difference between SEM and SEA

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is about marketing itself on search engines, such as Google.

Whether the marketing is ads that you pay for, so-called SEA, or work that is done to make your site rank well in the organic hit list, we usually call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEM is simply the collective name for SEA (Google Ads) and SEO.

To succeed with Google Ads

Advertising both broad and narrow is usually a smart strategy.

Something that many people miss is the follow-up to which ads actually generate conversion. Clicking on an ad is far from a successful conversion, so follow-up and optimization are a must to actually get an ad to contribute to increased conversion. Negative keywords and ad extensions are good tools that get an ad to not only increase CTR (Click Through Rate) but also conversion.

Google Quality Score

Google Ads has a 10-point rating scale that measures how well your ads work and how well they are perceived by visitors.

The goal is always to get above 7 on the QS scale, in the end it gives better exposure and makes it easier to win a bid at a lower bid than the competitors.

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