ACMS Headless – Awaves own CMS

ACMS is built to be easy to integrate with other systems such as Cornerstone, Sharepoint or HR solutions. The idea for ACMS came when we saw a gap between what companies wanted to get out of their systems and what the systems can offer.

ACMS headless CMS

How does ACMS headless work?

ACMS makes it possible to add new functionality seamlessly and easily to other systems.

In ACMS, you can add almost any functionality you want, fully integrated with APIs and securely through Single Sign-On. The administration interface is modern and easy to use, no technical knowledge is required.

You can even customize it so that the system matches the workflows you use in your organization. Access privileges can be controlled through predefined groups in your system or set manually in ACMS.

Customize the look and function

With ACMS you can personalize and implement your own branding on, for example, a welcome page to better suit the needs of your particular employees.

Work freely with pages and blocks to create good workflows. ACMS has a simple administration with the ability to edit your welcome page according to your company’s unique needs. You do not need technical knowledge as an administrator as the modern interface makes it user-friendly and easy to work in. The administration is built from a tree view that is easy to see.

With a good overview it will be easy to find specific pages, functions or other parts of the system. Preview your adjustments on the “welcome page” or other pages before saving. Create new pages or copy a previously created page.

Add categories and build your content using different blocks. With the help of blocks, it is easy to reuse the information on multiple pages and only need to be edited in one place. The administration is in English and can be translated into other languages.

The platform

ACMS is powerful and secure.

ACMS was built in 2018 on the largest cloud-based provider Amazon Web Services with the new and powerful ASP.NET Core framework from Microsoft and ReactJS framework from Facebook. The combination of these platforms has given us the opportunity to create a modern, flexible and cost-effective system based on scalability and high security.