ACMS – A headless CMS by Awave

We are the creators behind the ACMS – a system dedicated to making the lives easier for administrators and users of systems like Cornerstone. The idea for ACMS came when we saw a gap between what companies wanted to get out of their systems and what the systems can offer.

Let’s do something great

We want to make your life easier

ACMS is a cloud service provided by Awave that enables easy content creation and editing within Cornerstone.

It’s an add-on to the Cornerstone platform focused on improving its usability and flexibility. ACMS makes it possible to add new functionality in a seamless and straightforward way inside Cornerstone. With ACMS you can add almost any functionality you wish to Cornerstone, totally integrated with APIs and secured with Single-Sign-On.

Why you should use ACMS

Not only does the ACMS simplify the editing process, it creates the possibility of adding custom functionality to Cornerstone.

Create highly customisable welcome pages, dashboards or intricate systems for handling internal processes, making the most out of your data.

Attractive, mobile responsive custom pages

Create custom pages that are both attractive and very easy to maintain. You can add any custom functionality you want such as a newsfeed, an FAQ section or why not a highly personalised dashboard. It’s easier than ever before!

Display custom content on any page in Cornerstone

The ACMS unlocks the possibility to post custom content to any page within Cornerstone. Add a help function to complex pages or display custom components on a page of your choosing.

Create custom functionality

With the ACMS you can create intricate structures for handling and processing your Cornerstone data. Using Cornerstone’s APIs, data can be retrieved, processed and then written back into Cornerstone. This gives you the option of creating custom functions such as self-service portals and complex approval chains.

Screen showing ACMS

Basic features

  • Hierarchical content administration
  • Search and filter content
  • Project separation in workspaces
  • Language support
  • Role based access permissions
  • Media management of files and images
  • Set up with Cornerstone’s own API-functionality
  • A seamless experience with SSO (Single-Sign-On)

Page builder

It has never been easier to administrate your Welcome and Custom Pages.

Find your pages using the search and filter functions and set permissions for who should be able to see them. You will no longer need to know HTML and CSS since you can build dynamic Welcome and Custom Pages using predefined templates and blocks. Just drag and drop your blocks onto the pages and edit them in an easy and intuitive way.

Create your own blocks of different types and usage areas. Add content blocks with text, images, links and videos, widgets to show your tasks or tiles to provide quick links to other pages in Corner- stone. By setting permissions for who should be able to see each block you can create up-to-date and interesting pages adapted for your employees.

The administration interface

No technical skills are needed with the modern and user-friendly administration interface.

Through this interface you can handle pages, functionality and other custom solutions in an easy way. It’s structured in a user-friendly tree view – providing a great overview and making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Adding or editing content is made simple and time effective with the intuitive WYSIWYG text editor, reusable content blocks and media libraries. When you’re done editing, preview your changes and hit publish.

Use cases

ACMS is a flexible and easy to use system that can be customised to your specific needs. Implement your own branding and Great UX design into Cornerstone.

Use cases includes FAQs, top scorers and leaderboards, integration with external systems, custom dashboards and help functionalities.

The platform

ACMS is powerful and secure.

he system is built on top of the industry leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services with the new and powerful ASP.NET Core framework from Microsoft and the ReactJS framework from Facebook. This combination of platforms and frameworks enable us to create a modern, flexible and cost-effective system with built in scalability and high reliability.

Included in the subscription

Implementation, training and upcoming features

The ACMS license subscription includes implementation and set up in your Cornerstone environment, ACMS introduction training and user manual.

New features are releases continuously and made available to you on-demand.

The interface is intuitive and can easily be adapted to specific branding and functionality needs.

At Awave we’ve learned to do things right, and to do them really well.

Awave is an agency with offices in Stockholm, Riga and Copenhagen. Our team consists of 40 experienced developers, designers, strategists and project managers.

Awave is an award winning agency with a long history of creative problem solving and developing bespoke systems for a wide range of clients. We have been working with Cornerstone since 2017 and have since then learned the ins and outs of the platform. The challenges we faced along the way gave us the inspiration to create the ACMS. A system that simplifies life both for us and our clients, allowing us to create even better solutions!

We are your full-service web agency in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Riga

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