Spendency, a spend analysis tool designed to easily and successfully manage spend data. The tool has been recognized as one of the most user-friendly in the world.

A successful all-inclusive solution

We proudly showcase this website which we designed, developed and launched. Spendency is built with WordPress as CMS and Bootstrap as frontend framework. The structure of the site is clear and the visitor can easily navigate with the clearly placed buttons. The site has a simple but inspiring structure where smooth features have been combined with unexpectedly colorful elements. The layout is modern and airy. Soft and clean lines have been used to contrast with the strong colors.
Behind the structure and content lies a solid SEO work that clearly created relevance and links between sub-pages and content. The meticulous work resulted in a highly improved Google search ranking.

Spendency case devices

A new graphic identity

Before we started working on the new website, we had the opportunity to develop a new visual identity for Spendency. The work included a new logo and graphic profile that conveys playfulness and flexibility.

Spendency case graphic profile

In addition to working with the website, Awave has had developers dedicated to improving Spendency’s backend system since 2018.