Quality Score and Google Ads

When advertising on Google, it is important that there is a connection between the ad, the landing page and the keyword you have chosen to pay to be viewed. This is measured in what Google has chosen to call “Quality Score”. At the keyword level for an ad, there is a number between 1-10 which is the deciding factor for how well Google thinks one is working with its advertising. Even the Quality Score has a big impact on how much you pay for the keyword. So the higher the quality score, the better. In order to optimize your ads and be able to raise your Quality Score, you look at three crucial factors. Landing page, ad relevance and clickthrough rate.

Landing page or “landing page experience” – What is analyzed on the landing page is whether the content is relevant to the keyword chosen to advertise on. The quality result also takes into account the ease of use of the landing page.

Ad relevance – The ad text must contain the keyword or a synonym for the keyword to be considered relevant.

Clickthrough rate – The third and final deciding factor is the clickthrough rate (CTR). What percentage of all those who saw the ad clicked on it. To increase your CTR, it is important to keep in mind that along with the keyword also has an inviting text in the ad so a higher level of search clicks on.

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