New website launched for Orio Logistics

We just released the second website for the state-owned company Orio AB and the Orio Logistics business area. Previous website has performed really well in terms of communication and lead generation. As Orio Logistic’s operations change in step with their industry and customer requirements, the website was also required to be redesigned.

The previous website was designed in 2017 to attract a wide range of companies with primarily a 3PL need in certain industries such as spare parts, food and e-commerce. The website’s target groups were identified in 2017 largely to ignorant buyers of 3PL services, of which certain parts of the website have been created to create security around outsourcing of 3PL and ancillary services. In 2017, the target group used computers to a large extent, during the period after 2017, mobile visitors have increased so a “mobile first” idea began to emerge in the spring of 2020.

During the autumn of 2020, a new strategy for marketing communication emerged, some important messages in communication that emerged were,

  • That Orio Logistics has an efficient Accuracy in the processes. It should be felt and noticed that Orio Logistics, based on its strong history, can 3PL in all conceivable variants and forms
  • That the business delivers full service within the business area and the breadth of services
  • That Orio Logistics delivers security in transport – Highest delivery quality and fast deliveries to over 60 countries
  • That Orio Logistics has a long tradition of large volumes, high pace in pick and pack, meets tough requirements for departure times and order stoppages

By identifying different requirements in the communication, it was summarized into a concrete plan where the following goals were set:

  • Strengthen the brand towards the local market
  • Reach out to the international companies that want to establish themselves in the Nordic region
  • Adapt to the customer’s requirements and needs
  • Highlight the possibilities for expansion with the existence of detailed planned land for new establishment
  • Emphasize a graphic form that communicates security, greatness and stability
  • Keep communication together in all different media and use synergies
  • Review navigation – Lift content and focus on the user
  • Improve usability for mobile visitors
  • Create more customer cases – storytelling format where customer value is highlighted
  • Other content that strengthens Orio Logistics – CSR, Environment, ownership
  • Tone down content for “beginners”
  • Create a website that is more business, business-focused, strict and signs security and that the business is well established with well-known big brands in the customer base
  • Create an editorial flow with categorization that replaces the current ones, customer cases and news and add to Articles, provides a page that is perceived as more lively and updated and creates a better user-friendliness for mobile visitors

The project includes a new website as well as traffic and lead-generated work where both SEO and digital marketing are included. The SEO work led to a new keyword analysis with completion of search phrases and a competition analysis as well as subsequent optimization of content and a strategy for internal as well as external links.

Parallel with the development of a new digital marketing plan, new impact targets and KPIs have been established. Marketing for Orio Logistics takes place exclusively via Google Ads, LinkedIn for “Content marketing” and with Programmatic to build primarily brand building.

Orio Logistics is developed in WordPress with Gutenberg based on Awave’s own optimized base themes.

With the help of Gutenberg, the administrator can build a page with the help of various predefined blocks that we have created together, which provides flexibility and opportunities.

The page contains different record types to list different types of content. Among other things, there are Insights and FAQ. We have also, as usual, supplemented with forms built in Gravity Forms.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!