Support on the road – Sveriges Åkeriföretag (Swedish Trucking Company)

Through company development, opinion formation and lobbying – Sveriges Åkeriföretag has been a support to the member companies for a long time and now wanted to take another step to get closer to the members. We at Awave are already familiar with Sveriges Åkeriföretag, as we manage and maintain their website, and were happy to get their trust to start this new project together.

Sveriges Åkeriföretag wanted to make it possible for its members to easily receive information, offers and book training directly via an app. The app would be a useful tool especially for the members who are often out on the roads and drive long distances.

To facilitate the administration of the app, the content is managed via the website using APIs, built in React Native and Expo. Sweden’s haulage companies can easily send out notifications with information to members and create offers that can be used along the roads. Members also have the opportunity to watch videos and listen to podcasts created by Sveriges Åkeriföretag. Did you know that Sveriges Åkeriföretag is also behind the award-winning Swedish TV series Svenska Truckers?

To create an app design that was as user-friendly and easy to navigate as possible, we first worked thoroughly with wireframes (a so-called wire sketch where you show what different components and functions the design should contain instead of focusing on color and shape). We created a clickable prototype in the tool Figma where we could user test the app before color and shape were applied. Sveriges Åkeriföretag has a clear graphic profile and it has been applied in the app but new design elements have also been added to achieve the best UX design results.

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