Summer at Awave

As a company with several customers having SLA:s together with us we don’t have the possibility to close down for the summer (or any other time, for that matter).
Hence we have people from all our different teams manning our offices all summer long, although not with the normal amount of people.
In the Stockholm office we’ve had 7 people in place during this week (with a few visits from those of us that don’t quite have grasped the concept of “being on vacation” yet).
This means having all the conference rooms silent and abandoned and most desks and chairs empty.
Luckily the coffee machine is doing it’s usual magic delivering hot java and the fridge is of course as usual filled up with cool drinks to keep everyone alive.

Meanwhile the Danish office in Copenhagen has had 2 people in place, which just a few months ago would have meant full staffing but with the recent recruitments there nowadays that means half of the office is free.
They were a bit doubtful to show of the current office due to the mess mainly made from the delivery of their new fancy office chairs. Thanks to the speedy growth in manpower down there the amount of space is a bit on the lesser side right now, but that’s going to be solved shortly with a new office space.

On the other side of the drink at our Latvian office in Riga vacation seems to be something more or less unheard of, with people only being free stray weeks here and there.
Working from home is frequent though, as can be seen on the pictures below, but that does not affect delivery by any means.