Wednesday activity with Orio

Boating and our clients – two things we love and appreciate here at Awave! Therefor it can’t come as a surprise for our readers here that we when we got the possibility to invite our friend David Leighton from Orio to join us for an activity we went fishing in the archipelago.
We were looking for Swedish perch, but apparently, they weren’t really in the mood for taking our bait. We made contact with 3 fish, but none were landed in the boat. We also promised David to never speak about what happened when he was given a rod with a fish already hooked in the other end, that’ll be a story for another day!
Our enjoyable and beautiful evening drew to a close with dinner at “Restaurang Skärgårn” with a promise to invite David out again when the fish are in a better mood.
We would also like to thank our designer Örjan for lending us his drone to catch amazing footage of our day out on the water – go on and take a peek at our amazing afternoon and evening: Fisketur.