Sveriges Åkeriföretag

Sveriges Åkeriföretag is an organization that cooperates with the haulage industry’s trade organizations.

Two solutions in one

We were commissioned to digitize Sveriges Åkeriföretag’s website and their magazine Svensk Åkeritidning.

The challenge of this project was to combine the interests of existing members with the digital services they use. An important part was that all members, regardless of need or condition, should have an experience that enriches their membership – whether it be fun playlists or legal support.
To solve this, Awave has done extensive structural work where user friendliness and information accessibility have been the top priority. The extensive content has been reorganized and the site has been given innovative thinking and search functionality that makes the content easily accessible to the user. Clear areas for conversion have been created to reach and attract new members.

Part-publication of articles and pages attracts visitors

While the primary service of Åkeriföretag is providing membership for the haulage industry, Svensk Åkeritidning has a commercial service consisting of editorial articles, newspaper publishing and subscriptions. Functionality for part-publishing articles and service pages was built in, where only logged-in members can read them in their entirety. By posting the articles in this way, Åkeri can gain some exposure to Google which attracts visitors and then pushes them towards membership. Through this, a synergy between the two parts of the site has been created as they can take advantage of each other’s content to generate traffic.

Under the hood

The site is developed in Drupal with the majority of standard modules as well as some specifically developed modules for booking, integrations and for the integrated intranet used by Sveriges Åkeriföretag employees.
In addition, there is a powerful member and booking engine that is integrated with Sveriges Åkertiföretag’s membership system. In the membership system, Sveriges Åkeriföretag handles all members and bookable activities such as education and training. Members can log in to the site, get access to specific information and change their information contained in the general list of different companies in the industry.

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