SolidEngineer is an innovative technology company that trades with goods and services linked to 3D technology.

A three-dimensional service portfolio

The main challenge of the project was to balance the company’s well-known products with their newer consulting services.

From a design perspective, the site got a sober but innovative solution that depicts SolidEngineer’s operations as well as their competence. The balance between the services was achieved partly through a smart menu solution, where all services are presented at the same level. The consulting services are woven into other product pages through compelling blocks, with a personal touch that complement the otherwise heavy technology content. E-commerce is built with WordPress and WooCommerce with a great focus on flexibility and the ability for the customer to easily create their own templates. We have integrated Google Tag Manager, done extensive structural work and are continuously working to improve their SEO ranking.

Solid Engineer northern lights

A new and modern profile

While working on the site, Awave helped develop a brand new logo and a modern graphic profile that fits a company at the technological forefront. We have implemented the new profile on the site and in graphic materials such as brandbook, business card, presentation material and more.

SolidEngineer cups