Gazella offers recruitment and consulting services for all levels in the financial sectors.

Focus on conversion

We are proud to have been a significant part of Gazella’s journey to an easy-to-navigate and conversion-driven website.

When Gazella came to us, they had a rigid recruitment platform that no longer supported their high ambitions. The platform we built turned out so good that they gave us the assignment to create a website to match it.

Gazella graphic profile

Strategic design that lies at the forefront

Initially, we conducted exhaustive workshops where we delved deep into target groups, their needs and expectations on the site. The result was a new strategy where the focus shifted from recruitment to attracting more clients. The website’s performance was analyzed from this perspective and a plan of action was developed.
Visually, Gazella wanted to be the leading digital player in the industry with a design that is at the forefront. Based on this, we have created a new digital profile focusing on inspirational images and strong contrasts. The new website is module-based making it easy to administer and update.

Gazella strategic design

I chose Awave as a partner due to their strong technical expertise. In our collaboration they are committed, responsive and accessible.
Filip Lennartsson, IT & Marketing Manager at Gazella