Christmas gift campagin

Within Filmstaden AB there is also the business area Filmstaden Business. Before Christmas 2019 Filmstaden and Filmstaden Business joined forces for a joint Christmas campaign.

Creates added value for the campaign

Filmstaden contacted us early in the fall when they wanted help building a campaign siteThat would represent the Christmas campaign they had developed together with their adversing agency.

The Christmas campaign was to pay tribute to old Christmas presents and to show that what was popular in the past may not really work today.

An interactive website with a fun competition

When we took on this task, we aimed to create an interactive site where Filmstaden’s users could take part in the entire Filmstadens advertising campaign, but also encourage users to reflect and remember their own Christmas presents that they received over the years.

The campaign site is created from the graphic profile of Filmstaden and was built in WordPress so that Filmstaden can easily manage the different campaign images that are displayed but also the competition function that we built for them.

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