By developing technology, processes and strategy, Bolero helps its customers streamline their IT operations.

Agile project defined by workshops

To define the project and guide in the right direction, the project consisted of two different types of workshops.

An introductory workshop where a working group worked with personas to define Bolero’s target group and a concluding workshop to go through how to communicate with their target group through one’s website.

The design phase consisted of a wireframe work to define modules and user flows for a start page – and then move on to a more visual work. The result was a modern playful graphic expression.

The art of capturing relevant searches

In parallel with the design work and workshops, extensive SEO work was carried out.

In the SEO work a clear structure was made as well as a survey of potential target groups and behaviors. The result was a content template with structure and plan for how the content of the website should be written and optimized for the best SEO possible.