Awave integrates wayfinder module for Umbraco, Optimizely, WordPress and Drupal

The wayfinder module from MVG is a perfect tool for shopping mals, stadiums and other large locations. On landing pages for stores or other locations, the integration reveals an interactive 3D map to make it possible for users to get directions.

Wayfinding MVG

Digital Wayfinding is an easy way to guide your visitors and customers to their desired destination. With an intuitive guidance system and interactive 3D maps you can create a digital experience unlike no other.

Awaves partner MVG have been delivering Interactive Digital Signage Solutions for more than 15 years, with hundreds of displays, video walls, Interactive directories, and Outdoor LED-Displays across Scandinavia.

Using their own open-source Linux or Android-based OS architecture the backbone of the MVG Wayfinder we are able to tailor each experience to both server and client-side needs, all while keeping the processes lightweight and flexible. This enables them to sustain an environment that’s both easy to implement and manage, keeping us at the forefront of innovation in our market. Combine that with our unique 3D Wayfinding solution and smart API inventory, and you have a system that offers unparalleled access and convenience, which leads to more repeat business and more happy customers.

Are you interested to integrate wayfinder solutions – feel free to contact us for a Swedish fika and we can show you how it works.