Modernize your web solutions with React

React is a popular and powerful open-source front-end library written in JavaScript. React was created and made available on the market by Facebook and is used by large companies that want to be at the forefront of modern web solutions such as Tesla, Apple, PayPal, Uber, Instagram and Airbnb.


React is used to develop websites and apps and gives the freedom to work on individual components instead of an entire web app, which in turn helps them provide the best possible rendering performance. React can also be used in combination with CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Umbraco where React can be part of creating an optimal front-end. With its added flexibility and simplicity, React is considered part of the future of web development.

When to choose React for development?

  1. When you want to create a modern website.
    React is a good choice when you want to create websites that are at the forefront of UX/UI design, fast loading time and increased conversion. Through the large open library, React developers always have the latest technology at their disposal to implement on the website.
  2. When developing mobile apps.
    React Native is used to develop mobile apps. Developing apps with React Native is very flexible and you easily create the same functions in the app as you can for the website.

Why choose React for development?

The reasons are many when it comes to React’s potential for the creation of optimal web solutions. Interface customization, improved page speed and reusable components are just a few of the strengths provided by the JavaScript library.

User interface customization

React provides the ability to create optimal interfaces that are modern, interactive and user-friendly. Websites and apps with high-quality user interfaces appeal to a larger user base and increase conversion. Better user interfaces are a critical aspect for the success of any business.

Increased page speed and SEO friendliness

SEO is a very important aspect when developing a digital solution. React websites and apps are very SEO friendly. Websites created in React have a high Page speed, which also increases SEO.

Reusable components

Web development with React saves time and money with its reusable components, which is one of its most appreciated features. Developers can split an interface, which then allows them to build dynamic user interfaces, an important aspect of creating cohesion in large organizations that work across multiple platforms.

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