Facebook advertising, how does it work?

How does facebook advertising work

We often hear from our customers “Facebook advertising, how does it work?“. In order for your content to reach more people and increase engagement, advertising is important. With Facebook advertising you can get more followers, new customers, drive traffic to the website, recruit staff, market events and also generate more leads.

In order to advertise on Facebook, your company must first have its own Facebook profile and then create a Business Manager account where all campaigns are created and controlled.

How to create a business account in Business Manager?

Enter Meta Business Manager and click on “Create account”. Then log in with the email address and password used to start the business page. Via Business Manager, you create ads and manage several different resources such as Facebook pages and Instagram profiles, as well as share access within the team and with external partners.

How to create a campaign in Business Manager?

First of all, you need to know what the aim/goal of the campaign is. Knowing your goals will help you decide what types of ads and advertising materials you need to use. Based on that you choose your goals. There are several objectives to choose from, each with different strengths depending on what your goal with the campaign is.

Here are some examples of goals:

  • Brand Awareness: Increase people’s awareness of your company, brand or service.
  • Reach: Show your ad to as many people as possible within the target audience.
  • Traffic: Increase the number of visits to a website.
  • Engagement: Get more people to view, like, comment or share your post or page.
  • Conversions: Get more customers to do something specific on your own website or app, such as register on your website, download your app, add items to a shopping cart or make a purchase.

After choosing the goal and budget you wish to spend on a campaign, you go to the ad group level and select the target group (gender, age, location, interests), placements and period you want the campaign to be active. Here you can also choose to place a certain budget per ad group.

After creating an ad group, you create an ad. There you choose which format to use: if you want one or more images, a video, a slide show, a carousel, a collection, etc. There you also select text, headline, any url and call to action button. You can also adjust each size of image or video to the correct format.

What are the rules when advertising on Facebook?

Once an ad is created, it will be reviewed before it is displayed to ensure that it complies with Meta’s ad rules. This process almost always happens within 24 hours. However, we recommend that you read all advertising policies before you start using Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Why install Meta Pixel and Conversions API?

It is also important to install a meta pixel on the website and install the API for conversions to be able to track data, identify users who visited the website or app, reduce cost and improve optimization and measurement. Having a meta pixel and API for conversions is important if you want to create conversion-driven campaigns and traffic towards landing page views. This marketing data helps to optimize the ads on Meta so that your ads are shown to people who are more likely to be interested in them. It also helps you see what actions your customers are taking. You also have the opportunity to reach these customers again in your future meta ads.

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