Figma – Powerful UI/UX tool for designers

UI and UX design with Figma

When we start working on a new project we have to go through a number of thorough, but necessary, steps to make sure that the project’s end result is both visually and technically suitable for the user and business needs.

To help with this process, Figma is our best design tool.

Figma is an online collaboration tool, which is perfect for all stages of website or application design.


At the beginning of a large web project, it is important to summarize the requirements of the project and everything that is needed to effectively achieve the final goal. Figma is a great tool for documenting and sharing analysis and research about the project’s specification.


Wireframes are a great step in the start of the design process. In the wireframes we setup a structure, arranging basic elements of a page structure, based on prestudy findings. Focusing on the prioritization of content, functionalities and intended behaviors.

Sharing / Collaboration

Figma is an online tool, so collaborating with a client, design team or other team members, in any design phase, is very easy. Anybody can leave comments right in the file so we can easily get feedback


Figma is great tool for creating a prototype of the final product which allows the design team test ideas before they are shared with the client, and more precisely before being handed over to the developer team. Prototyping also gives the design more life and a realistic feel to it, when presenting to the client.

Final design and handoff

Once the design is final and ready to pass on to the developers, Figma is a great handoff tool. It’s easy for the developer to extract the information needed, such as typography, colors and measurements. In Figma there’s also a inspect functionality which means a developer can grab snippets of generated code of the design, for example CSS.

All in all, Figma is a tool where we can go from raw materials to a fully developed design system and product prototype, and gather everything in one place.

If you need any help or have more questions regarding Figma or IU/UX design, dont hestiate to contact us.