Umbraco 9 – From .NET Framework to .NET Core

Umbraco is one of the market’s most popular CMS where we continuously develop websites for our customers. We have recently become Awave Umbraco Gold Partner which is a certification that has taken many years to achieve and is a testament to our knowledge of Umbraco as a CMS.

During the autumn, Umbraco has released its latest version, Umbraco 9. From previously being on the .NET framework, they have now switched to .NET Core. This has many benefits, primarily for the future development of new applications.

The benefits of .NET Core

The predecessor .NET Framework has been the basis for development at Microsoft since 2002. The framework has become obsolete over the years. Therefore, a few years ago, they started developing .NET Core (also called .NET 5).

Below we list some major changes through the transition to .NET Core:

  • Cross-platform – One of the biggest news is that .NET Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS). This is a more modern way of working with the development of different operating systems. This bodes well for the development of new applications.
  • Launch Plan – The new framework has a faster launch schedule and new versions are released in November each year. Updates to the old framework will cease in the long run.
  • Open source – The development of the platform is driven by the .NET Foundation. The organization is non-profit and was started by Microsoft to include the .NET community in future development.
  • Better performance – Great performance improvement of 30-50%, primarily through inventory efficiency.

As always with technology upgrades, it is currently a transition phase from the .NET Framework to the new framework. Since the .Net Framework is outdated technology that will not continue to be developed, it means that the systems will eventually have to be replaced. Umbraco is one of the market’s first CMS to make this switch to .NET Core and with Umbraco 9 is at the forefront of future development.

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