The importance of working actively with SEO

“How long does SEO take” is a question we as digital marketers often get from our customers. We usually say that it can take between two and six months before implementations start getting the search engine attention they deserve. However, the important thing is not how long it takes to start being visible, but how to maintain a position over time.

SEO or search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires constant work. Today’s search engines read the activity on your site quickly and with all the competition out there, even hard-working rankings are easily replaced.

With one of our clients, we have been doing ongoing SEO over the past year. As can be seen in the graph, it started to pick up speed already after a few months, just as expected. With ongoing SEO work, organic traffic increased by 90% during the first four months of 2021. With these numbers, the customer felt they would stop working until after the summer. During these months the customer’s competitors have intercepted the resistance in the search results and started taking back shares that our customer previously had. We started running SEO earlier than originally planned, and during the dive in July, SEO took place again on the site. Already after a month, you could take back several of the placements that were lost.

Search engines are smart and interpret inactivity quickly. In competitive industries, it is extra important to have an ongoing SEO work so as not to let even competitors occupy the positions that you work hard for.

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