New website for Precis Digital

When the international digital marketing agency Precis Digital searched for a new agency that could develop their new website, the choice of course fell on Awave. Precis is a data-driven digital media agency that was started in 2012 by three former Google employees. In the pursuit of cross-platform expertise, data-driven decision-making and innovation that challenges the status quo, Precis has quickly become one of the most attractive workplaces and leading marketing agencies in Europe.

Precis digital had high demands on the website to maintain perfection in technical SEO, speed and interactions. An important factor in choosing Awave was our expertise in digital marketing, a high understanding of Precis’ business and how a website should be designed and developed for SEO. The design was created by Enström Jönsson.

The website is developed in WordPress with the Gutenberg and flexible field principle, where each block and module is built from the ground up with a predetermined number of choices in design and function. All for the customer to have control over their own design and be able to adapt existing and new pages according to wishes and needs.

Awave and Precis’s journey continue together, where Awave is responsible for management, maintenance and further development.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!