Limitations in traceability – status update in reality

Anyone who is familiar with digital marketing has probably not missed the fact that Apple with the latest ISO 14.5 updates has tightened the requirements for traceability, where the iOS user must now actively approve tracking. There is a lot to read about this online, about how it works, what measures are required and how advertising platforms with Facebook at the forefront have adapted their tools.

But let’s not get caught up in what many others are doing. Let’s talk about how it has been recently with Awave and our customers.

Yes, let’s start by saying that we at Awave and the customers we help with digital advertising have not seen any major differences in perceived conversion. If we take Facebook as an example, the statistics have admittedly fallen as expected as the FB pixel does not report conversions as before but ROI has been stable, ie. the conversions have been at a stable level against invested advertising money which is the most important thing!

So not to worry, the giants are working to find alternative solutions and so far it has not impacted anything negatively.

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