When is it time to update your website?

WordPress, Drupal and their associated plugins and modules often launch new security updates to their CMS. Awave has developed a tool that notifies us when these updates are received so we can be quick to implement them. Updating is important for the security of the website and is therefore highly recommended.

WordPress and Drupal are open source (making them flexible) meaning anyone can look at the source code, which also allows for people to find security holes and exploit them. Good plug manufacturers close such holes as soon as possible so it is very important to apply all updates as soon as they become available.

When you perform an update, it is not just a matter of pressing a button for everything to be activated. We update first locally and then in the demo / stage environment to test that everything works both front and backend before we update on the live page. It has happened that our customers have been quick to update themselves and then discovered that code snippets that should not be there are on the page or that a function no longer works. We are always ready to support but to avoid unwanted events, we do the best job when we can help from start to finish.

Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help you! ☀️