New EFFSO Tools 2.0 launched with increased mobile focus

The widely used and popular EFFSO Tools service has received a major boost with new design and user-friendliness in focus. The Nordic region’s leading purchasing consultancy firm EFFSO is behind the EFFSO Tools platform. EFFSO Tools is not only a content marketing hub but it is a platform that enriches professionals in purchasing, sourcing and procurement. All content in the form of tools, methods, news and articles is available to everyone and in a new setup, where mobility and accessibility are in focus.

Awave has worked with EFFSO for many years, partly with,, and most recently we have worked with creating the new EFFSO Tools.

Creating a new user-friendly website with mobile users in focus, while the structure and link power that has been built up over many years, created challenges and got our experts in UX, strategy, developers and SEO to collaborate with EFFSO in an agile project where business value and customer experience were the keywords in the project. Other important improvements that were embraced were a simplified administration for editors, updated search function, high performance and implementation of a new design based on EFFSO’s graphic profile which provides a stronger digital presence together with

To create good usability and accessibility, visitors can choose different ways to find the right information in addition to the updated and fast search function that categorizes the content, there is a structure with topics, labels, process categories and areas of interest.

The website has been developed in WordPress as a multisite solution in EFFSO, content has been migrated with preserved URL structure from the previous platform. With support for multisite it creates new opportunities to manage traffic between EFFSO and EFFSO Tools. It provides the best conditions to achieve the impact goals and deliver an optimized customer journey with the right leads-generated conversion elements.