Presentation of the Riga office

It is about time that we presented our dear colleagues at the Riga office. Even though we have many miles between us, it feels like we are much closer, almost in the same place.

Ever since we opened our office in Riga in 2014 our team of developers has grown steadily. Today, we are a team of 16 technical developers involved in building web after web with all that it entails. The office has expanded and today we have 400 sqm spread over two levels in the beautiful neighborhood “Quiet center”.

We asked our COO in Riga a little about how life is in the office …

“Our cozy office consists of two floors and three separate apartments in a fantastic building in the heart of the Art Nouveau area of ​​central Riga. Coming to the office is a joy every day as the beautiful architecture sets the mood for a creative day of problem solving. Our team consists of men and women of different ages and backgrounds, from technical nerds to fitness fanatics. Our love for complex issues and satisfied customers brings us together in this amazing place.

Every day we are welcomed by good coffee, fresh fruit and challenging tasks to solve. Every day is a wonderful day. ”

As often as we can (when it is not a pandemic) we try to see each other either in Riga, Copenhagen or in Stockholm to be able to socialize or work together.

As always, you can contact us in Riga, Copenhagen or Stockholm if you have any questions!