Page builders

When we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of creating pages in WordPress, the question of page builders often arises which is something we will try to sort out in this text. Briefly described, pagebuilders is a plugin that enables a user to change visual elements on the website without having to write code. With this post we want to show why we always recommend developing with code rather than using page builders:

  • Difficult to integrate with the rest of the page
    Usually you need to choose whether you want to use regular blocks or functionality on each page. If you want to switch from the usual page type to page builders, it is in 9 out of 10 cases the most flexible way to recreate all pages from scratch.
  • Can slow down the page with unnecessary code
    Some page builders generate more code than a developer does to make the corresponding visual change, which of course affects the page load time and thus ultimately Google’s ranking and user experience.
  • The speed can be significantly reduced
    Page builders builds everything up with javascript on page loading, which gives a worse result than just being decided by a developer on what to load when and how.
  • Deteriorated SEO value
    The page builder often creates unsemantic HTML that is disapproved by Google, which causes the SEO value to deteriorate.
  • Does not support Internet Explorer
    Many companies with a centrally controlled IT department only allow specific browsers within the group, where it is not uncommon for Internet Explorer to be the one that is allowed. Many page builders do not support Internet Explorer. This browser is about to be phased out, but it is still a bad idea from our perspective to create pages that exclude potential user groups.

From our viewpoint, as a provider of web solutions, an implementation of different page builder means complexity, which makes the page more difficult to work with. Time for support and further development in the long run is getting higher and higher. By coding and building your website from scratch instead of using page builders, the result will eventually be better and more sustainable.

Page builders can be a great option if you are a beginner. However, we at Awave always recommend coding and building your website without page builders, all to get the absolute best result.

If you are looking for a new website or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!