Awave Winner of Publishing Price 2020!

Awave Winner of Publishing Price 2020!

We can proudly announce that our contribution in the Publishing Prize “Always the right Christmas present” won in its category “Web 2020 campaign sites” with the motivation “For a brilliant idea, excellent presentation and great content 

We started work on Filmstaden´s Christmas campaign early in the autumn of 2019 when Filmstaden’s advertising agency created some images. Our mission was to create a user-friendly and interactive campaign website that paid tribute to old Christmas presents. 

We created a conversion-optimized and mobile-friendly design, at the same time as the subgoal in the mapping of effects that was done. 

Another sub-goal was to create interactivity, in order to create goal fulfillment, we refined the concept “gamification” and created a gallery where all visitors who took part in the campaign could vote and upload their own photos of old Christmas presents. The prize for the winner was a cinema gift card. 

Awave developed a modern UI design that was based on Filmstaden’s graphic profile and did a UX job to get as good a flow as possible for the users. The campaign page was then built in WordPress so that Filmstaden could easily administer the competition and the various campaign images.