Xspray Pharma

A modern pharmaceutical company with the aim of better and safer medicines with a unique proprietary technology.

A stock exchange website

As a listed company, there were strict requirements on Xspray Pharma’s website. Corporate information as well as financial information must be easily accessible to investors.

Xspray Pharma’s new website was designed with an overall focus on this key information. Since the primary target group is current investors and potential investors, stock information and press releases are highlighted directly on the start page, while more detailed information under the specially designed investor menu allows the curious to Immerse itself in details. Data such as share price and press release are taken from third parties and updated automatically through integration.

Hard facts in a colorful package

How do you package large amounts of statistics and facts in a way that becomes attractive and simple and easy to absorb?

Xspray Pharma’s position as a leading pharmaceutical company would of course be reflected on their website through a modern and unconventional design solution. The airy design creates space between hard numbers and facts while the soft asymmetrical elements create interest and attract the visitor further. The vibrating energy-rich colors were matched with sober images from the research activities and a stripped-down typography. To give the page a really crispy feel, vector-based pixels are used that retain the sharpness no matter how large the screen the user has.

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