SthlmFast is the real estate company that has long taken care of housing transactions in Stockholm and is constantly growing.

An exclusive site with a focus on top design

SthlmFast contacted Awave to take their website to a new level. The focus was on easily navigating the visitor’s items for sale and how SthlmFast helps its customers succeed in their sales.

All information about the objects is registered in an external broker system and then retrieved to the website where they are presented. As a brokerage firm, service to customers is A and O and creating the first contact should be easy. Therefore, several inputs were created to enable the customer to contact SthlmFast in a smooth way. In the work with SthlmFast, Awave has done extensive SEO work and also help with copywriting for the website but also in printed material.

Digital innovation at the forefront

In the spring of 2020, when social distancing was recommended, new ways of working were required. Digital meetings grew and so did SthlmFast, which highlighted the possibilities of booking a consultation without a physical meeting.

Our clients were clear – we want to do something new on the web that no other brokerage firm has done! We solved the challenge by creating a function we called “Book a digital meeting” where the user can meet a broker via video chat and get their home valued live – completely free of charge.

Logo, graphic profile and printed material

Before the work on the new website began, we also had the opportunity to develop a completely new visual identity for Sthlm Fast.

Clarity and simplicity but also a lot of attitude were the watchwords when the new logo was presented. The high “t” in the company name represents high goals and that at Sthlm Fast you almost always go further than your competitors as they are not afraid to take certain risks. In connection with the new look, we were also given the confidence to produce new printed material to include in displays such as object descriptions, folders and flyers.

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