Go Cruising

Experienced cruise tour operators with exciting destinations all over the world.

Easy to use website for both visitor and administrator

When Go Cruising came to Awave, the purpose was to create a website that would be easy to administer but also be easy to navigate for visitors and facilitate a decision for a purchase.

For the Go Crusing enthusiasts, it was important for the site to be inviting and to facilitate the visitor to book their dream trip. But it was also important that the page should be easy to administer as the previous page had created a lot of extra work for the staff. A graphic profile was in place and the popular booking system Travelize was included in the plans when the new site started to be built.

Our UX designer’s solution became a page with a lot of color and warmth through a clear and continuous imagery and icon language. The idea was that once the visitor reached the site, the dream trip would feel close. An easy tone in both language and design was adapted to reach their broad target group.

The right structure and SEO-adapted pages

Go Cruising understood the importance of creating a website with the right structure and content to be able to SEO-customize the page for best results. The site contains pages that make it easy for the administrator to load up with the right and SEO-related content. The home page has an intuitive and clear search function that helps the user find the right, easy and fast. To make it extra easy for the administrator of Go Cruising, we have created a variety of modules that they can use to quickly and easily build new inspirational pages when the need arises. The site is built in WordPress.

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